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Ranjeet | Ranjeet's Biography and Information

Biography and Information

14 Silver Beach AB Nair Road, Juhu Bombay 400049
Date of Birth:
12th September
Debut Film:
Sawan Bhadon-1969

Ranjeet's Profile
Ranjeet was the 'villain' as brute, that just plain mean bully who was out to physically abuse you just for the sake of being mean. He menaced his way through over 300 Bollywood films playing a character as integral to the plot as the Hero, for the villain is the dark side to the hero's light, one can not exist without the other.

One of my favorite things about Ranjeet is he always wore the most gaudy clothes. In the 70s and 80s Ranjeet was so in demand that he was working nonstop on five or six films at a time. He claims in an interview that at one point he had 50 films that were either in production or in current release. In the late 80s Ranjeet grew weary of the demanding schedules and all the evil negative roles and he retired from Bollywood.

So ingrained in the National psyche as 'the villain' Ranjeet experienced many instances of his film persona carrying over into his personal life. In interviews he has stated, "At parties women were uncomfortable with me around. Even during my wedding some relative asked my Mother-in-law if could not find anyone else for her daughter" and in other instances, "Why, at social get-togethers women even refused to shake hands with me!"

In real life Ranjeet is a nonsmoker, does not drink and leads a happy family life. The power of the Bollywood medium though marked him for decades as a 'bad guy', a very bad guy. Ranjeet though seems to have taken all the notoriety with a grain of salt and humor. Currently Ranjeet is acting again on television and he plays sympathetic roles.


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