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Fardeen Khan | Fardeen Khan's Biography and Information

Fardeen Khan
Biography and Information

Information On Fardeen Khan
Fardeen Khan
Sunshine, Jassawala Wadi, Juhu Road, Mumbai 400049
Date of Birth:
8th March 1974
Father - Feroz Khan (Actor-Director), Mother - Sundari Khan
Debut Film:
Prem Agan-1998
Fardeen Khan's Profile
Fardeen Khan was launched in a home production called "Prem Aggan" by his father. The film bombed big time and with the film, bombed newcomers Fardeen Khan and Meghna Khotari. It took two years after the ill fated film and a director like Ram Gopal Verma to resurrect Fardeen's career with Jungle. The film was a hit and it's success opened new doors for him.

  Fardeen Khan was born in India but has a very "in-between" accent because he has studied abroad a lot. A graduate (Business Management Degree) from the University of Massachusetts, USA, Fardeen Khan has a non-Indian accent which clearly comes across on the big screen. He also has very western looks which, in the past has been a negative point for a lot of actors because they can't easily fit into the stereotype, typical Indian male roles.

Fardeen was arrested by the Mumbai police for possession of 9 grams of cocaine, but he has been quick to admit his mistake. Though he reportedly explained to friends that he used cocaine to handle the stress of his up-and-coming film career. Fardeen restrategized and succeeded. With Rajat Mukherjee's dark love story Pyar Tune Kya Kiya, Fardeen has finally arrived. Touted as the nation's next heartthrob, Fardeen has become a hot proposition at the box office.

From last four years Fardeen saw a professional drought none of his films working well which can give him status as an actor of merit. In spite of working with big makers Boney kapoor in Khushi, Ram Gopal Verma in Pyar tune kya kiya, Jungle and Bhoot. Fardeen career remained in cold storage, barely giving him any marks for his acting. Though, it must be admitted that the prestigious Provogue campaign had never found a better ambassador than Fardeen Khan with his international good looks.

Fardeen's grand relaunch was supposed to be his father's much hyped film Jaanasheen. But larger the effort, the greater was the fall. This film too failed to make any ripples. In the meanwhile there were stories of ugly escapades and his fleeting dalliances with numerous nymphets.

During his downfall two people never lose their faith in him. His mom and his girl friend Ruheen who stood by him like a rock. Her girl friend against all odds and even the lack of her parental consent putting aside everything to be with her love Fardeen Khan. Originally belongs to capital, she shifted to mumbai because she don't want to create any distance in early stage of relationship. Fardeen in return, respected her and reciprocated her love and the relationship worked for last four years. But now as his career going low, adding to fardeen's cup of woes came the determination of his relationship with his beloved Ruheen, who obviously decided that she had enough. There are stories that fardeen and Ruheen had split for the 379th time, but this time it was final.

Awards WonFilmfare best debut male award in 1998


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