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Aparna Sen | Aparna Sen's Biography and Information

Aparna Sen
Biography and Information

Information On Aparna Sen
Aparna Sen
Date of Birth:
25th October, 1945
Husband-Kalyan Ray, Daughter-Konkona Sen Sharma

Aparna Sen's Profile

She is one of a few people who are born in film industry with their feet on the right way. Aparna Sen, a film director who was born in 1945 in Calcutta is a great director of the serious Indian cinema. In her early youth, Aparna Sen was impressed by European cinema that strongly affected her art life. In the beginning, she started her film career as an actress when she participated in “Sampatti” by Satyajit Ray, then her works in cinema and theatre appeared successively getting the praise of critics. Twenty years of her appearance in cinema, Aparna Sen made her first movie “36 Chawranghee Lane” which is an English political movie that was the birth certificate of a realistic film director who cares for details, though she focussed in the beginning, on women issues in most cases. 

  Aparna Sen is one of India's most celebrated directors. Her directorial debut was an English film, 36 Chowringhee Lane, which she also wrote. The film won The Grand Prix at the Manila International Film Festival and the National Award for Best Direction in India. Her directorial work also includes memorable films such as Sati, Parama, and Yugant. Daughter of the renowned film historian, critic, and filmmaker, Chidanda Das Gupta, Aparna Sen is also one of India's finest actresses and has won several awards for acting.
Ms. Sen has served on juries at many international film festivals, such as International Film Festival of India, Moscow International Film Festival, and the Hawaii International Film Festival. Aparna Sen has also been honored with some of India's most prestigious awards including the Padmashree Award by the President of India and the Satyajit Ray Lifetime Achievement Award.
And unlike most celebrity editors, she lends much more than just her name and mug to the magazine. She pens the editorial herself and oversees the editorial content and the picture pages in each issue. Even behind the limelight, Aparna Sen or Rinadi as she is affectionately called, is the perfect friend, homemaker, daughter, mother and grandmother. She loves pottering around the house, cooking, talking to her grand daughter and indulging in the occasional poetry. That, in essence, is Aparna Sen. Complete, that much abused term, somehow sounds wholesome and real when used for this woman.
She is Mother of Konkona Sen Sharma.She has won National Film Awards for Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. She is the hyperactive editor of Sananda, West Bengal's highest circulated woman's magazine in Bengali, brought out by the Ananda Bazar Patrika group.


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